img_theft_protection_guaranteeBecause we have a combination of CELLULAR/WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY, and TWO-WAY-VOICE TECHNOLOGY we are able to offer you a guarantee you cant refuse.

If your home or business is broken into, we offer to pay your insurance deductible up to $1000. That’s a guaranteed return on your home security investment, which most companies will never offer. Instead of waiting until you have an intrusion or fire to get a system, Install one of ours immediately, get a HOME OWNERS INSURANCE DISCOUNT, and let us pay your next insurance deductible if someone successfully robs your home or business.

By giving you a Theft Protection Guarantee we take away any risk that you have in purchasing a security system for your home or business. Take advantage of our Theft Protection Guarantee, which comes standard with our INTERNET SPECIAL.

Our Packages

You can check our packages below and choose the one that suit your family or contact a friendly staff member and we will gladly help you in making the right choice

Bronze Package

$ 64.99 /month

  • 1 Go! Control Color Touch Screen Keypad
  • Two Way Voice communicator
  • All Exterior Doors
  • Up to 5 additional windows
  • Cellular GSM communication
  • Mobile Application
  • Weather alerts
  • Alarm and non-emergency notifications
  • Online access
  • Lifetime Service
  • Protection Plan

Silver Package

$ 69.99 /month


Includes All of Bronze +
ONE of the following:

1 Zwave Thermostat:
(energy management)
1 Zwave Door Lock:
(extra security)
1 Zwave Lamp Module:
(lighting control)

Gold Package

$ 74.99 /month


Includes all of the Silver package +
TWO of the foltlowing:

+1 Zwave Thermostat
+1 Zwave Door Lock
+1 Zwave Lamp Module

Full Home Automation

$ 79.99 /month


Includes all of the Silver package +
TWO of the foltlowing:

+ 1 Indoor Camera 



Our leadership team has a combined experience of over 35 years.

We have helped to protect, secure and assist thousands of families in need of security, video surveillance, and first response systems.
Each member of our team has hands on experience with all of the products commonly used in the industry. We know
from experience which products are superior, effective and more affordable for our customers.