img_cellular_wirelessIs your current security system hooked into the home phone line? Does your home phone service use the internet, VOIP, or any other digital provider? Does your current company “call your home” if your alarm goes off? If you answered YES to any of these questions then you are in need of an upgrade!

If you don’t have a security system at all check out our INTERNET SPECIAL.

Traditional There are many ways to set up a security system in your home. The traditional way is to hard-wire the home and install components and devices at the end of those wires to secure your home. Pre-wiring is best and cheapest to do while your home is under construction. The majority of pre-wired homes are ALSO wired directly into the phone line for future communication of the alarm system to the monitoring center. Unless specifically requested CELLULAR communication is not added to pre-wired or hardwired systems. Most digital keypads do not have “TWO WAY COMMUNICATION”, but instead a phone call is made to the home by the monitoring center when the alarm has been tripped.

Almost “Wireless Systems” Many people that have “wireless” security systems don’t understand this important fact: The security components in the home communicate with each other through a “wireless signal”, but the actual monitoring center communication is done through the phone line or cable connection. These systems along with traditional pre-wired or hardwired systems are easily by-passed by simply cutting the phone or cable line being used for phone service. Although you have a “wireless system”, it does not mean that it communicates wirelessly with your monitoring center.

Finally a CELLULAR AND WIRELESS solution How your system communicates with the monitoring center could determine if your security system is effective or non effective. Using a CELLULAR Primary GSM chip to communicate with your monitoring center is currently the most advanced option available, and comes standard in every GO! CONTROL KEYPAD. Cellular Back-UP is another option but it does not have TWO-WAY-VOICE, and the response time is slower. CELLULAR primary TWO WAY COMMUNICATION is currently the most advanced security option on the market and we will gladly upgrade your system for free
to earn your business. AT&T reports 25% of the
USA turned off their phone lines last year. It is time to go cellular. It is time
 to get TWO-WAY-VOICE. In the past you could never both of features until now! Our Cellular/Wireless Technology comes standard when you “CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN SYSTEM


Our Packages

You can check our packages below and choose the one that suit your family or contact a friendly staff member and we will gladly help you in making the right choice

Bronze Package

$ 64.99 /month

  • 1 Go! Control Color Touch Screen Keypad
  • Two Way Voice communicator
  • All Exterior Doors
  • Up to 5 additional windows
  • Cellular GSM communication
  • Mobile Application
  • Weather alerts
  • Alarm and non-emergency notifications
  • Online access
  • Lifetime Service
  • Protection Plan

Silver Package

$ 69.99 /month


Includes All of Bronze +
ONE of the following:

1 Zwave Thermostat:
(energy management)
1 Zwave Door Lock:
(extra security)
1 Zwave Lamp Module:
(lighting control)

Gold Package

$ 74.99 /month


Includes all of the Silver package +
TWO of the foltlowing:

+1 Zwave Thermostat
+1 Zwave Door Lock
+1 Zwave Lamp Module

Full Home Automation

$ 79.99 /month


Includes all of the Silver package +
TWO of the foltlowing:

+ 1 Indoor Camera 



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