Have you figured out how to program your thermostat to adjust every time you come and go from home or the office? Did you know that our average customer saves 24%/month on their heating/cooling bill? Using this new thermostat is what makes the savings possible. How it Works:

  • The Z-stat integrates with GO! CONTROL KEYPAD
  • When you arm your system in “away” mode the Z-stat adjusts the temperature in your home to save you money while you’re gone.
  • When you arrive home and disarm your system the thermostat automatically re-adjusts to the temperature you had before you left.

Other Included Features:

  •  Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat
  •  Large, easy-to-read LED backlit display
  •  Runs on 3 AAA and/or HVAC power
  •  Thin, sleek design
  •  LCD Touch-Screen: displays room temperature and set point temperature.
  •  Easily configure different thermostat settings 7 days of the week online
  •  Dual Thermostat Support: Able to support two thermostats, allowing you to update each thermostat separately online.
  •  Complete Mobile Access allows you to adjust temperature from mobile device.

Monthly Savings Breakdown:

Daily Hours Away Avg Electric Bill % Saved % Saved
 8 $100 24%  $24.00
 6 $100 16% $16.00

Dont forget to add a Thermostat when you “CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN SYSTEM”

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