Panic Buttons


Are you concerned about a family-member, friend or yourself being alone? Do you find yourself checking in on them more than usual? Let us put your mind at ease by offering you one of our new Panic Buttons. These buttons are designed to be light weight and easy to wear. Not much bigger than the size of a quarter, and can be worn a variety of ways (options include a necklace, bracelet or belt clip). If held down for 3 seconds our monitoring center will respond through a TWO-WAY-VOICE SPEAKER on our KEYPAD mounted in the home or office. If we receive no response, we begin calling the emergency call list on file.

Reasons to have a panic button

  • Helps eliminate home invasions.
  • Eliminate the worry of family members being safe or unstable
  • Get help for any medical condition or emergency situation
  • Eliminates risk of being caught in a fire
  • Commonly helps people feel better and safer while alone.


  •  For triggering emergency alarm
  •  Weight: 0.45 oz. (including battery)
  •  5-second button lockout
  •  Lithium battery with 3 years life
  •  Completely water resistant
  •  Completely supervised
  •  150 ft. range
  •  Mounting options: Lanyard/Necklace, Wristband, Wall-Mount, Belt Clip

Dont forget to add a Panic Button when you “CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN SYSTEM”

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