Motion Detector


This detector is probably the most effective way to secure a home. Its primary use is to protect a wide range of area that contains multiple ways to enter. We usually install these in high traffic areas of your home or business. If you have pets that stay inside while your gone and weigh more than 80lbs, you may want to use a GLASSBREAK DETECTOR or WINDOW CONTACTS. When home you can arm your system in “STAY” mode, which turns ON all door/window contacts but turns OFF all Motion Detectors so people can walk around inside without tripping the system.


  •  33 or 80lbs. pet immune
  •  90-degree look down
  •  Lithium battery with 5 years life
  •  Tamper protected
  •  Fully supervised
  •  Dual element sensor with 30ft by 50ft range

Dont forget to add a Motion Detector when you “CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN SYSTEM”

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